The US Senate did not pass climate-change legislation.



We who work for climate change in the church can learn from that failure.




Climate-change legislation did not get through the US Senate. We can thank those politicians who surrendered to apathy and sold their souls to conformist thought and the lies and scapegoating of big energy self-protective rhetoric.

Those celebrating the defeat of climate-change legislation point to the failed “scare tactics” of doomsday alarmists and global-warming heretics.

The big energy companies, particularly coal and oil industries, can now celebrate, with summer drinks and barbecues, the wisdom of environmental inaction. And they can compliment themselves on the success of their disinformation campaigns and anti-environmental organizations. (But it will be a temporary success……..)

Reform-minded Catholics can learn from the short-term failures of the climate-change people.

(1) Apathy about church reform  and renewal is a constant problem.

(2) Courage needs the support and stimulation of courageous friends and colleagues.

(3) Spreading false information and scapegoating are techniques used by all self-protective and threatened organizations.

(4) There is no virtue in ignorance; and the truth always comes out: often with a big bang.

(5) I can understand– as I hear from friends and associates —  that Catholics are getting tired of hearing about abuse in the church. A lot of very bad news has come our way. More will come for sure. It is tiring and depressing…..but  it has to come out.

(6) Honesty and tranparency must replace institutional avoidance, cover-ups and secrecy.


But there is also a time for stepping back and reflecting about the days and work ahead.

The Pope has gone to Castel Gandolfo for a bit of R&R. The Curia will not swing back into action again until mid-September. Chanceries are growing quiet.

We too should take advantage of the remaining days of summer to reflect and re-energize ourselves for the struggles that lie ahead.

John Greenleaf is doing that as well: going offline until after Labor Day.

In the next few weeks I will be working on a book and doing research and travel in Eastern Europe. I am intrigued by the resurgence of a triumphalist Church after years of Communist oppression. And I want to listen to young people.

ANOTHER VOICE will be back in September: with a voice that is clear and stronger than  ever!

A very sincere thank you to all who have taken time to read and share their thoughts.

John W. Greenleaf


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