The Year for Priests: Special Uncensored Photo Celebration

The Year for Priests, called by Pope Benedict XVI, draws to an official conclusion on 19 June 2010.


On the  19 June closing day, St. Peter’s Square will be especially animated by priests, bishops, and the Pontifex Maximus himself: Benedictus XVI. Cameras will be clicking constantly. Images will be sent around the world with cyber speed and accuracy.

The ceremonial dress and ritual will be colorful and memorable, as only we Catholics can do!


My Personal Contribution to the Celebration

Unfortunately, due to another commitment, I will not be able to attend the events in Rome. I also realize that some priestly images of course will not be sent out during these Roman celebrations. Therefore, as my own small contribution to the Annus Sacerdotalis, I have collected some of my own favorite priestly images – Catholic and ecumenical.

My Year of the Priests Cyber Photo Collection

And so the discussion moves along as does the church……

A memorable year in so many ways.