For reasons of health  and advanced age, Pope Benedict XVI will resign on February 28, 2013.

A surprising and historic event for sure.

I can imagine that people within the walls of the Vatican (and more than a few cardinals around the world and their confreres) are running around right now like ants under an upturned stone.

Catholic church reform people, this is your special challenge.

You have less than a month to: get better organized, draw together, pick your words carefully, and make your voices heard.

5 thoughts on “SPECIAL REPORT reflection: Pope Benedict to Resign on 28 February

  1. I just saw it on the news. “Stunned” does not begin to describe my feelings. Hopeful I am not.
    All I can do is pray the Holy Spirit will truly descend and send us a Pope who recognizes the equality and dignity of all the people of God.
    Sadly, the Cardinals have been hand picked for their repressive views for at least the last 20 yrs.
    Come Holy Spirit! Come!

  2. Come Holy Spirit! COME! Fill the hearts of the Cardinals! Enkindle in them the Fire of your Love. May the Holy Spirit overcome the Cardinals. Make them elect a Pope who will place primary importance on the Word. That Word that recognizes the equality and dignity of ALL the people of God, regardless of sex. The Word, Who appeared first after His Resurrection to Mary Magdalene, a WOMAN, and said to HER- “Go and tell the Good News.”
    Come Holy Spirit. Set right the abuse and discrimination of 2 thousand years. Right the wrongs. Bring us all into the fullness of grace.

  3. Many of the replies express the hope and prayer that the Holy Spirit
    will free us from the views of the “repressive” Cardinals. Considering the prayers of ALL Catholics what makes the opposition think that he hasn’t already done so.

  4. It sounds too good to be true! Holding my breath to see what unfolds. Maybe there is hope at last for a change if the cardinals elect a dark horse who is strong enough to turn things around in Rome.

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