Helping bishops understand who they are as sexual beings…..


I understand that some bishops took offense at my first posting about continuing sex ed for bishops….especially the suggestion that they meditate on the Canticle of Canticles. No offense intended!

Certainly all bishops must understand themselves as “sexual” and how they function as  sexual men.

Today’s episcopal sex ed exercise is rather simple. I would like each bishop to sit down and write a thoughtful essay titled: “I am a sexual bishop.”  

The following points can help get your reflection started and keep it well-focused.

Important points for Episcopal sexuality reflection:

  • understanding your own sexuality means you feel more comfortable with yourself and helps you relate better to others
  • what kind of a sexual person are you?
  • sexuality is more than genital sexual activity – it’s about the whole person, your experiences, your social context, and your relationships
  • how does this affect you?
  • sexuality is a natural and healthy part of living.
  • are you currently living your sexuality in a natural and healthy way?
  • sexuality includes physical, ethical, spiritual, psychological and emotional dimensions.
  • how do you see these dimensions in your life?
  • individuals express their sexuality in a variety of ways.
  • how do you express your sexuality?
  • sexual relationships should never be coercive or exploitative.
  • what does this say to you about your ministry as bishop?
  • sexuality is part of the package you come with when you’re born, and is with you. throughout your life. It’s wrapped around every part of who you are. You’ve already got it, but you may need help in learning how to use it in positive ways.

After you have completed your essay, we will make arrangements for you to meet privately with a psychologist who will go over your essay with you. Some bishops will of course be complimented on their sexual health. Others will be given pointers for further growth. Some bishops will be asked to begin therapy and immediately send their resignations to Rome for “personal health reasons.”



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