One week ago, during Pentecost week end in Detroit, nearly 2,000 people gathered for the American Catholic Council. It was a marvelous experience: positive, faith-filled, and Catholic in every good sense of that word.

I am on the road right now, visiting family and friends but do want to jot down some quick reflections. First of all there is absolutely no reason that any bishop (or archbishop!) should be or should have been anxious about this gathering. The council participants were mature, adult Catholics, and open to bridge-building and dialogue. They were not, as a journalist (who I understand was not even there) observed: a bunch old 1960’s dissidents and trouble-makers.

Now we need to see what kind of follow-up will capture and promote the spirit of this Pentecost gathering.

Some reform organizations, like my favorite ARCC: the Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church, have an ambitious and realistic concrete action program. More about this In a future posting…..

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