Some quick reflections. I am on the USA road. Back with a longer reflection after the US presidential elections.

Our conference about millennial believers was excellent. I strongly recommend our presenter Todd Salzman from Creighton. 

Here is an interesting and very worthwhile book that charts the data on US teenagers. Young Catholic America: Emerging Adults In, Out Of, and Gone from the Church by Christian Smith. He asks: 

          “What happens in the religious and spiritual lives of American Catholic teenagers when they grow up, graduate from    high school, and start leaving home to launch their own new adult lives? What is the shape of the religious and spiritual lives of American Catholic 18-to 23-year-olds?”

His reply applies not only to teenagers nor just to Catholics I suspect: “Catholic emerging adults do not use their Catholic faith as a key resource for arriving at any counter-cultural religious, social, or ethical commitments.”

Happy All Saints!

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