Twenty-seven years ago, 9 November 1989, the world celebrated the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

Today, 9 November 2016, whether people agree or not, it is more Christ-like to tear down walls than to build them.

As we move into winter, we must not forget that spring will come again…..

15 thoughts on “Nine November

  1. We move forward when we help and support each other even when not in complete agreement. That is the nature of a democracy and of Christ like action.

  2. I pray for our country to succeed, hopefully in love rather than hate toward others. On a personal note, at least having to listen to my priests spend the past two weeks telling us, in their homilies, that we are not good Catholics unless we vote for the anti-abortion candidate, and inserting a letter in our bulletin, from a Fr. Chaput, essentially telling people that if they don’t accept the doctrines of the Catholic Church then maybe the Church doesn’t need us. Couple that with our Pope doubling down on the fact that women will NEVER be priests and I was left with a decision, which I finally made. I have left the Catholic Church as I am tired of my worship service only serving to make me feel angry and unwanted, rather than nourished by love. Enough.

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