Sunday — April 15, 2018

“‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” Acts of Apostles 2:17

In my first post Easter reflection, some thoughts — for people of all ages — about being prophetic in living our dreams and visions.

First a brief story.

A friend sent me a short video about a young man’s vision of Jesus. A young white fellow was deeply troubled and tearfully crying and praying in church: “Jesus help me! Lord help me please!” Suddenly a dark-skinned man in a robe appeared and said: “Hey man, what’s the problem?” The fair-skinned fellow cries out: “I need Jesus!” The dark-skinned man replies: “Yes. I am here. What’s your problem?” The young man says: “but…but you don’t look like your pictures!” Jesus replied: “Get over it kid. I am dark-skinned and speak and act like a foreigner. I grew up in a different part of the world. My Mom and Dad were very dark-skinned as well. We all looked like migrants to people like you……now what’s the problem?”

The message of Christ proclaims the dignity and worth of every human person. There can be no exceptions. The must basic human right is the right to be oneself: to be accepted, to be acknowledged as a human being who by nature has value and deserves to be respected.

In authentic Christian behavior all must be acknowledged, respected, supported, and helped: male, female, transgender. Black, white, yellow and colorful combinations. Gay, straight, and uncertain. Americans, Mexicans, Syrians, and other foreigners. The young and old. Rich and pour. Handsome and ugly. Smart and stupid. Saints and sinners.

Are you listening bishops? Are you listening rabbis and imams? Are you listening White House? Are you listening Democrats and Republicans? Are you really listening United Nations representatives from around the world?

In the revelation of Jesus Raised from the Dead, this is authentic Christian behavior. It is authentic human behavior: not just our challenge but our duty. It is our responsibility. Political party or religious tradition differences allow no exceptions.

Next week some pointed theological questions.


9 thoughts on “Human Rights / Human Dignity

  1. I am growing more to believe that ancient ‘visions’ were not physical, but “insights” more than “sightings.” When it is said that Saul heard “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?”–I believe that his heart and soul and mind realized that to persecute anybody is to persecute one’s fellow(man), and the point of Jesus’s teaching and resurrection is the Life of being Human–AS A CHILD OF ONE FATHER. “Me” in other words was not so much the resurrected Jesus–though it certainly was that–but the insight that the living human being is a fellow Child of God (“Son of Man”), that a suffering death–a death on a cross–a “cursedness” (Hebrew Torah)–violated the Family Love. The Pharisee Saul “saw” that Jesus was “everyone suffering.” and that obedience to the law was meaningless next to this common Family of the Father–that people have drifted away from that Family by following Law instead of Love–and that not just Israel, but every gentile is capable of joining THIS family.

    1. Oh my, I have no idea how this happened. I was trying to forward “Another Voice” on my phone. In my first attempt, I misspelled the receiver’s name and so tried again. Mea culpa. I found the columns on the Gospels were especially good and was wanting to share them. I usually read “Another Voice” in my email and on my laptop and sure messed up trying to forward your column, Jack. At least it gives me a chance to express my appreciation of your column / blog and to thank you for your reflections. Peace, Margaret D’Huyvetter

  2. Gosh, Jack, no need for next week’s pointed theological questions! You have simply nailed it: we are all God’s children and Jesus loves us all. (I must remember that when I am cringing as I watch the news and want something to happen to “that %*^^(&^!!## guy.” ) Thanks for making it simple.

    Frank Skeltis

    1. Many thanks Frank.

      The solution is clear and simple but the practitioners do not always practice what is preached.

      Warmest regards



      John Alonzo Dick, PhD, STD Historical Theologian

      Geldenaaksebaan 85A 3001 Heverlee – BELGIUM

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