Happy Easter!

May we move forward, supporting each other,

in the Way of Jesus who is our Truth and Life.

“Instead of reading the Bible to assure ourselves that we are right,

we would be better to read it to discover where we have not been

listening.”– Raymond E. Brown, The Churches the Apostles Left Behind, p150.

Jack jadleuven@gmail.com

I will be away for a couple of weeks.

4 thoughts on “Easter 2018

  1. A Happy Easter to you, too. Many thanks for your inspiring and edifying reflections. We’ll miss you until you’re back.

  2. Hello, Jack,

    A blessed Pascha to you and Joske. This same mosaic is in the apse of my home parish and brought back many memories.

    I know that the original is from a church in Sicily, I think in Montreal or Palermo.

    Be well and good health to both of you.


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