Remedial Sex Education for Bishops

During his visit to Fatima, Pope Benedict observed: “In recent years the anthropological, cultural, social and religious framework of humanity has changed.” So has our understanding of human sexuality, but Benedict didn’t say that. I wish he had.

The Roman Catholic hierarchy — in response to the signs of the times — is in urgent need of some sex ed continuing education.

I suggest some intensive courses in remedial sexual education. I would start with the Pope, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone (of pedophilia is due to homosexuality, fame) and the Vatican Curia.

Simultaneously, since it is good that the top men in the church all get the good news at the same time, I would have an intensive course for Cardinal William Levada and his staff at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. There would have to be as well some very special classes for Archbishop Raymond Burke and his staff at the Apostolic Signatura. Burke, you remember, is the fellow who regularly denounces President Obama as anti-life and anti-marriage; but that is a matter for a future blog. And last but not least there would have to be a special course for Cardinal Angelo Sodano (the sex abuse is just “petty gossip” cardinal) and the entire College of Cardinals.

After the remedial education of the top men at Vatican headquarters we could move on to national conferences of Catholic bishops……. This could be done, in close-collaboration with some of our best universities. It would be  like a special jubilee, guaranteed to unlock many closeted doors: a one year sexual updating/education/formation program for all Roman Catholic bishops.

We had the Year of the Priest. I propose a Remedial Sex Ed Year for Bishops.

There would be three main segments in the education/formation program:

(1)   Episcopal Sex Ed 101: Basic Principles that were Never Learned.

(2)   Episcopal Sex Ed 201: Bishops Confront their Own Sexuality

(3)   Episcopal Sex Ed 301: Special Ed for the Hopelessly Mixed-up

More about this in postings this week……….