In our country, the Tea Party People are running wild and


In OUR church, narrow-minded bishops from

Rome to Madison


running wild and irresponsibly.




The usual refrain from official churchmen is that “the church is not a democracy.”

This is of course ….. Nonsense!

Informed people know that the church – in fact — is more a democracy than a monarchy.

The church is the “People of God” not a hierarchical superstructure in which clerics preside over all the “sheep.”

An archaic and dictatorial monarchy is the style of Pope Benedict and his crop of cardinals and bishops.

Joseph Ratzinger’s institutional style is absolutely alien to the spirit and style of Jesus of Nazareth.

But his style was absolutely the style of Imperial Rome.

The choice is clear:

…….. Do we want the style of Jesus of Nazareth or the style of

the Roman Empire?……

It is time for a change!

An Understanding of Contemporary Church Power

(1) All hierarchical systems are dependent upon the obedience and cooperation of the “faithful.”

(2) The “faithful” have the ability to limit or withhold their contributions and obedience to the system.

(3) If the faithful withhold their contributions and refuse obedience to the system in LARGE ENOUGH numbers and for long enough time, the hierarchical system will have to either negotiate or collapse.

Friends, it is time to act!


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