US Catholic (the magazine) has applauded Father Anthony Ruff, OSB

for his speaking out about the liturgical translation

US Catholic deserves congratulations as well!

Now let’s get this ball really rolling……

(See lead paragraph below.)


Bravo, Father Anthony Ruff, OSB

Friday, February 4, 201

By Bryan Cones

Finally a national-level liturgist has refused to any longer be a part of the translation fiasco. Father Anthony Ruff, OSB of St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota has long provided on his PrayTell blog a forum for people to discuss the coming translations and had been scheduled to deliver several talks on the new Missal’s implementation in
preparation for its Advent 2011 debut. He has withdrawn from those engagements in an open letter to the U.S. bishops. (More coverage from America magazine here.)


2 thoughts on “BRAVO US CATHOLIC

  1. Thank you so much! At cantor rehearsal last night we got into a discussion about the changes. Most of us are extremely afraid the Church is trying to ram us back to the 1950s (or back to the middle ages) Our priest has requested we use the Latin Chant responses for Lent.
    It was just not possible for us to explain to our pianist/music director (who is a convert- not brought up in the Church and so has no remembrance of being a spectator) our disdain for the Latin- the best I could do was to say that Jesus is inclusive, Latin (in an English speaking community) is exclusive. The old St Joseph missal with Latin on one side and English on the facing page was not helpful.
    I am NOT looking forward to teaching the new translations. AT ALL.

  2. Yes. There are people who want to run back to the church we knew in the 1950s….But I hope enough people will eventually realize that you can NOT solve today’s problems and respond effectively to contemporary questions with yesterday’s solutions and answers.

    It is very good to hear from you again!

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