What kind of Obama rhetoric will our Catholic bishops use in the next presidential  campaign?

Will they be critical of the Christian Right or stand and watch?

For some time now US right wing Christian websites have been advertising a variety of “Pray for Obama” items:  t-shirts, bumper stickers, hats, etc.

They all have the phrase:   “Pray for Obama” followed by this biblical reference “Psalm 109:8.”

Psalm 109 is an ancient imprecatory prayer.  It implores God to invoke evil, misfortune, or physical harm upon someone. The words of Psalm 109:8 are:

“Let his days be few and let another take his office.”

The next line is:

“Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.”


In a free democracy, like our United States, no one is compelled to agree with everything the president says or does.

But no one who dislikes or disagrees with him has the license to incite and encourage people to murder him.

When Christians strand by silently and observe  projects like “Pray for Obama,” they support a deadly abomination…….

NEXT WEEK……a detailed reflection on:


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