For last year’s words belong to last year’s language,And next year’s words await another voice – To make an end is to make a beginning. (T.S. Eliot)

I look forward to sharing thoughts with you in 2017!


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year


    It has been good being a traveler,
    Leaving one threshold to enter through another,
    Collecting dust in my pant-cuffs
    From the roads that I have taken,
    Or that have taken me, and
    Their traces crease my mind and form my memory.
    And where I’ve gone, from whence I come
    And go tomorrow, holds a price,
    The price of worth within the meeting and the learning

    1. Thanks for the inciteful thoughts that have transformed, enlightened and given light to a world needing it so badly (at least our world in Milford, Ma.) May Jesus, the Christ, continue to fill you and your beloved with His grace and love!
      Annette Lee

  2. Thank you for sharing this past year and I look forward to reading them in 2017. They are food for thought and I appreciate reading them. Happy New Year to you also.Good health and much joy.

    Bill Josephs sister >

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