In All Things – Hope!


You’re aware of injustices in the Church.

You know action must be taken to stand against it until it is brought into the light.

You’re not alone!

The Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church (ARCC) invites you to a time of reflection and empowerment – moving from identifying issues, to taking effective action in response.

These workshops will empower you to identify issues of injustice, then determine in community with others how to respond in a way that is both non-violent and effective. Together we will follow the example of Jesus of Nazareth, who eschewed violence while insisting on living faithfully his relationship with the Father.

As the workshop progresses, we will become aware of the following:

  • All hierarchical systems of government are dependent on the obedience and cooperation of the governed and their social institutions.
  • The governed have the ability to limit or retain their contributions and obedience to the system.
  • If the governed retain their contributions and obedience to the system in large enough numbers and for a long enough time, the system will have to negotiate or collapse.

By the end of the workshop, you will be equipped, with tools and a community, to take action against injustice in a way that is non-violent while fully consistent with who you are before God.


 Philadelphia   AREA    IN  OCTOBER

October 26 & 27, 2012 (Friday 6-9 p.m, Saturday 9-5 p.m.)

Collenbrook United Church, 5290 Township Line Rd.,

Drexel Hill PA 1902

You can also promote the workshops, either by sharing information with your friends, or working with ARCC to organize a workshop in your area.

To REGISTER for the October workshop and for more information:          or call 1-877-700-2722.

One thought on “You’re aware of injustices in the Church….

  1. John, thank you so much for sharing this. And thank you also for the wonderful work you do. I know it’s not easy lovingly saying what needs to be said, when there is so much hate talk taking place.

    A couple weeks ago I accidentally went to the national catholic “Register” Facebook page (18,000+ followers), instead of the National Catholic “Reporter” page (with only 6,000+ followers). I was so shocked by the hate talk, insulting comments, and arrogant balloon inflated egos that were mouthing off against the Sisters. Sisters! Women who have devoted their lives to God. Giving tirelessly in ministry to the very heart of society. Tears flowed down my face, as my heart broke for them, while reading such vile.

    I don’t know that I can continue being Catholic if that is what the church is turning its members into. It was the very thing Jesus condemned as he taught his disciples, spoke to the people, and preached in the synagogs.
    I do pray things change… but there are a whole lot of pedestals God will have to knock down first.


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